Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jan Month in Review

I decided I had too many photos that I wanted to include in my monthly review as well as some other memorabilia so I used 2 different page protectors for the month of Jan. But I did start off with my Jan card and listed some of the high lights of the month.

So this is the front side of page one for Jan. . .
I used the card with highlights and then added a couple of quotes and 3 photo collages

This is the back side of that protector - again I did a couple of collages and added some business cards and a menu

This is the 2nd page protector (different style) Here I have included a menu, a coaster, a logo off of a gift card and a tag from Build a Bear. I made it so if I wanted to, I could still open the menu - I highlighted the items we each ate.
This is the back side and last set of pix. Another menu (that you can open) and a few pictures
I had alot I wanted to say as well about the month so I did an 8.5x11 page inserted between my 2 big pages with journaling tidbits by day for the whole month (I took this from my calendar that I keep)
I used the frame file that Ann G shared with us and simply wrote January in it.
Here is what it looks like in the book. . .
Like I said, I had ALOT to say so it was 2-sided as well!
So how are you all doing on your Jan Month in Review????
I hope you are all enjoying this journey so far!
I have also posted a few more pages under the LAYOUTS tab if you want to see those.
Don't forget to share your layouts with me so I can post them here for everyone to see and be inspired by!!!

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