Monday, June 6, 2011

WITL - Day 2

Well Ladies here we are on Day 2 of my WITL. Man am I BORING!!!! When you have to document what you really do it is really eye opening!
Anyways - it was an uneventful day but I did manage to get some pictures - even a self portrait of myself in the mirror. I got some pictures of the girls and of dinner and some of the routine things we do around here. I think I have decided to do a little "film strip" set of pictures of the things that happen every day - dishes, dinner, diapers etc. No need to have pix of those on each day. I have not decided 100% on what my final layout is going to look like - but I have some ideas rolling around in my head. Anyways - just thought I'd check in with you all and let you know I am still plugging along here and haven't given up yet. I hope you all had a great day

WITL Has Begun!!!!

That's right Ladies this is my "Week in the Life" week. It all started today - okay, yesterday, Sunday. I could not sleep to save my life on Saturday night so I decided not to make myself miserable and fight it. Instead I just found stuff to do. I visited with Lizzy out on the back patio (can you believe how beautiful the beginning to our summer is?) until she was ready to go to bed. That left me up and trying to fill time. I decided to get started on the banner for Monkey & Bug's birthday party. At 2am I realized I was going to get the full benefit of every hour in my week. At about 6:30 I decided I better try to get some sleep. That lasted until 9am and then I was up and going again (note it is almost 1am and I am still up!). Actually I was not moving too fast though I woke up with a nasty UTI and was feeling pretty bad. But I wanted to finish the banner and needed a few supplies, so Lizzy & I headed up to Mike's for some much needed glitter paper, xyron and gems. I was feeling so bad that I actually went to one of those Walgreens clinics while we were out. Two scripts later we were on our way back home . I started up on my banner again (I worked in my bedroom, in front of the tv for movies and close to the bathroom for . . . well you know). Lizzy, Gary, Darwin & Richard headed out for an afternoon of golf. Mom spent her day at church and with friends so I had the whole house to myself!

I need to get batteries in my little camera and put it in my purse for this week. While at the clinic I was wishing I had brought my camera and I tried to find some kind of cool memento to put in my album while I was there - I was at a loss - I almost asked for my dip test - but decided that was a little gross!!! So I guess I will just use the bag my script came in.

I have enlisted Lizzy's help in getting pictures of me this week doing what I do, wearing my lovely "uniform" (that is what I call the ugly clothes I wear around the house all week while watching the girls. I promised myself that I would not try to be something I am not this week or do things I don't normally do. I really want this to be an accurate depiction of what my life really looks like. So there will be some scary pictures of me with no make-up, hair pulled up on top of my head and some really UNfashionable clothing choices!

I guess Lizzy actually listened to me (this time) because as I sat on the floor in my bedroom, watching Sister Wives, finishing up the banner and eating a chicken Philly for dinner, she came running in with the camera catching me in all of my glory (aka mess).

So, that is the basics of day one of my 1st WITL - I am going to use all sorts of mediums for documenting my week - my calendar, a word document, my camera (of course) and my blog. By the time the week is over I will have all kinds of documentation to choose from when I start my pages.

Well I need to get myself to bed - the girls will be here in 5 hours and I need to clean up my mess and get some amount of rest before they get here. I hope you all have a SUPER FANTASTIC week