Friday, August 5, 2011

It's a good thing we postponed our meeting. . .

Last night I spent at Arrowhead Hospital!
This is me when I got home today. Yesterday I thought I was having a heart attack and Gary took me to the emergency room by our house. Two hours late I was in an abulance being transported to a hospital! After some tests and such they determined no heart attack. Not sure what it was so I will be going to a new dr next week.
I am so silly - I kept wishing I had my camera for my YITL album! When we were leaving Gary kept asking "do you want this for your album?" about every little paper, bandaid, or monitor sticker. We did grab the menu they give you to fill out. He took this picture and a couple others when we got home.
Still not feeling great but I am home.
See you all next Friday.

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