Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Update #7 - Another Holiday. . .

So, we all had another holiday for 2011 - Valentine's Day! Did you do anything special? Did you get any Pictures? I am gonna share mine with you here. . .

So, on Friday the 11th the door bell rings - no one at the door. Then I spied this white box on the ground. "Shari's Berries"? what the heck? I figured that one of Mom's friends sent her some blackberries (her fav). But, No - the box is addressed to me!!! Inside were these beautiful chocolate covered strawberries but I can't find a card - who sent them???? I finally found it - they were from Lizzy's boyfriend Richard - how sweet. My camera was sitting on the kitchen table so I posed a few shots and saved all of the paper info from the box for my YITL album.
Sunday the 13th Bryanna has us all over for a Valentine's Day lunch. She and Monkey have been working on the decorations for the party for several weeks and Monkey was very good and never spilt the beans - her Mom wanted it to be a surprise. So all of my Loves were there - nothing could be better!!!
Look at all of the pretty decorations they made - it made this crafty Mom very proud and pleased!
She even took the time to cut the pepperoni on the homemade pizzas into little hearts!
There was a little heart-flower dum-dum for each of us with our names written on them and then Monkey did a little "artwork" of her own on them. I saved the paper heart flower to add to my album also.
Oh, we also had grilled chicken salads - and yes, she cut the cucumbers into little hearts too!
Very personal yet simple gifts were bagged up for each of us too - it was just so sweet! My bag had some pretty, red nail polish in it. We also played some (very hard) Valentin's trivia games and everyone knew without me saying so that I was going to collect their answer pages when we were all done for my album.

My head was pounding (8 days straight with a headache), I broke my 2nd curling iron in a month that morning and I was exhausted, but I would not have missed this day for anything! It was probably the most special Valentine's Day I have had in years. I have the best family and I am so thankful for ALL of them!

I can't wait to get my pictures printed so I can do my pages for my album.

Have a GREAT weekend Gals - see you all soon!

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