Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Update #5 - SEW CLEVER

Well hello all of my YITL Friends! Can you believe it has been one month already? That's right we are already in the beginning of our second month on this project. How are you all doing with it? Are you enjoying the process? Are you taking photos and keeping notes and "stuff"? Are you looking at life just a little differently? I know I am. I see things as "stuff I need to put in my album" "Things I want to remember" and "Photos I need to take". I find myself much more in tune with all of my daily happenings now. It is kinda FUN!!!

I also want to share some clever ideas that Ann G. (from our group) came up with this week. She popped over today with her YITL Album and showed me a few of the pages she has been working on. I was so impressed I asked if I could take pix to share with all of you.
Ann has been busy working on her album and sewing on her pages. Look at this first one. . .
She took a standard 12x12 page protector, folded it in half and then in half again lengthwise. Then she repeated the folds across the width of the page. She then cut the tops of each new pocket, just inside the fold lines. Then she added a piece of cardstock inside the protector and sewed on the fold lines she made (leaving the center ones un-sewn) giving her twelve 3x3 pockets and two 3x6 pockets. The black cardstock gave the protector some stability while she sewed and then served as mats inside each of the pockets. Doing this gives you open pockets on both sides of the page protectors - makes it a lot easier to add your photos to the back side!

Here is the finished layout she did with her sewn protector - pretty COOL don't ya think?!?!

Then she did it again - she took this pre-made protector that had eight 3x3 pockets and one 6x12 pocket and sewed down the page between the last two 3x3 pockets and then cut off the last two 3x3 pockets and 3" off of the 6x12 pocket. (is that as clear as mud?) This gave her a customized 12x9 page protector.

I will be posting a few more of Ann's layouts in the "Layout" section of our blog for you to peek at and be inspired by. I really hope that more of you will share some of your layouts with me to post here. Thanks for sharing with us Ann!

Have a great weekend girls and I hope your team (if you are rooting for the Steelers) wins the Super Bowl! I will be back soon with more ideas and things to share - so check back often!


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