More Layouts from January's Month in Review

These are Ann G's layouts but we would all LOVE to see what YOU have done in your album! Shoot me an email with your layouts attached and I will post them here to inspire your fellow "Lifers"!

More of Marta's Layouts - Feb 8, 2011
Opening Pages - Front
                                                                          and Back
 Gratitude Divider front and back

 Monthly Gratitude Cards

I did a little stamping on my cards - I stamped the words Grateful & Thankful on my cards. I did this mostly to differentiate my gratitude cards from my Month in Review cards. I also added tiny rhinestones as bullet-points on my list.

January in Review Pages. . .

New Studio space page

 More of Ann G's Layouts - February 4, 2011

 For more info on how to make these different sized pock protectors yourself check out the Blog post called SEW Clever.

And since we are talking about "CLEVER" take a look at how Ann has added these cool chipboard tabs to the tops of her divider pages. The one that says "HOME" below she made herself and is willing to share the PNG file with all of us. With this file you can change the word inside the tab to whatever you want it to say. Then you just have to print it out onto white cardstock, attach that to chipboard and trim it up. I am very impressed and know for sure that I will be taking her up on her offer. If any of the rest of you want it - just email me and I will send you the file.
 This one that says "Grateful" is a Teresa Collins chipboard element (you all got them in your kit)

The Begining of My Album - January 3, 2011 

I have already started on some parts of my album so that I would have solmething to share with you all. But I must admit that I will probably do these pages over once the New Year starts. But I thought I'd post these pages here to give you some idea of where I am going with these sections.

The 1st page in my album is a full year calendar for 2011 - I may or maynot do some writing on this calendar as the year progresses.
Next I have the opening page of my Home Sweet Home section. I used the door paper from the kit and cut down and sewed a page protector to fit the door. I will be starting each one of my sections with one of these cut and sewn pages.
Next are pictures and thoughts about my home and the different rooms inside it

I used these 8.5x11 small pocket pages (each pocket is 2x2) for tiny pictures of the little details in my home (It's the Little Things that make a House a Home) and a small description of the item.

Another half page that has a collage I made of all of my family's hands holding my "Life" sign. This starts the section called "The People That Touch My Life"
This is the back side of that collage - using another one of TC's great document papers in which I did a small amount of hand journaling (this is something that is hard for me - I would rather type)
Following are photos of my family and some of my friends that touch my life. These pictures are just from my stash and new ones will be taken on New Years Day while we are all together.
There is a Small "Bio Card" that I designed to go with each person's photo. You will all get the digital file so that you can print these to go with your photos if you like.

Lastly are the Monthly Cards by TC - you will receive 2 sets of these. One to use for your Monthly Review and one to use for your Monthly Gratitude section

Remember that we all have the same supplies to start with but our albums will NOT be the same! Just as each of lives a totally unique life, we will each create a totally unique album! Enjoy the journey and stay tuned for for updates throughout the year!