Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hello Ladies

This is just a quick post - Those of you that were at the last YITL meeting know that I promised to add some info about formaldehyde on my blog. I want you to know I finally got that done and it is on my other blog Spillin the Beenz if you want to check it out.
I hope you are all having a good week
Till we meet again. . .

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's a good thing we postponed our meeting. . .

Last night I spent at Arrowhead Hospital!
This is me when I got home today. Yesterday I thought I was having a heart attack and Gary took me to the emergency room by our house. Two hours late I was in an abulance being transported to a hospital! After some tests and such they determined no heart attack. Not sure what it was so I will be going to a new dr next week.
I am so silly - I kept wishing I had my camera for my YITL album! When we were leaving Gary kept asking "do you want this for your album?" about every little paper, bandaid, or monitor sticker. We did grab the menu they give you to fill out. He took this picture and a couple others when we got home.
Still not feeling great but I am home.
See you all next Friday.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I am HOME!!!!

We had a WONDERFUL time while we were away - it was so much FUN to have a "Family Vacation" again! I will be sure to have several pages in my celebrations section for this trip!

Don't forget we will be meeting this Friday (the 5th) from 5:30 - 8pm. Please let me know by wednesday if you will be there so I bring enough pizza for everyone. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week! See you all on Friday!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just Checking In. . .

Sorry I have been away for so long girls - you have NOT been forgotten, I promise! Each night I say to myself "before you go to bed tonight you need to update the YITL blog" and then it is 3am, 4am or later and the girls will be here in a couple of hours and I shut down and go to bed. I appologize! Some of you know that lately I have been struggling with my hormones and have just not been myself (there was actually a couple of weeks were I didn't think I could start or end a phrase without the "F-word") So lots of things have suffered from my lack of attention lately - you should see my floors! So anyways that is my story and I am sticking to it. . . .

Baseball Cards

As you all know we are having our next meeting on Friday, Aug 5th. I promised you all "baseball cards" of everyone in our group at that meeting. I have all of the photos done but I am waiting for the "stats" for some of you (Linda, Dawn, Sharon, Anita) . Please try to get this info to me in the next 10 days so that I can finish up the cards and keep my promise to you all.
Here is the info I need from you - please just send me an email with your info
*Why are you doing the YITL project?

Keeping Up

How many of you are totally up-to-date in your albums?????

I know I have fallen behind but I am trying to get everything all caught up. This is a photo I jus had printed for the Easter holiday layout. The main picture is 6x12 3/8" and the title below is 1x12 3/8". I had them printed on the same photo and just cut them apart. Those little skinny border pieces on some of our page protectors can be a little tricky to fill. So whenever possible I like just making a photo title to go in there. It is easy to do in Photoshop and I like easy!

I still need to finish my Father's Day page and finish up May and June - they are started, just not finished. My goal is to be TOTALLY caught up by our next meeting. This might be a little tricky since I am heading to San Diego tomorrow morning until Sat night and then I am leaving again for Disneyland on the 27th for the girls' birthday trip. And did I mention I am hosting teh Bday party here at the house for 40+ people 3 days before we leave???? That's right, I am a CRAZY person!!!!! Anyhoo - you all have a great week and I hope your 4th of July was FANTASTIC!!!! (crap - I forgot that holiday - I need to get abother page done!) See you all real soon - and don't forget to get your stats to me STAT!!!!!

P.S. I just wanted to tell you all that I failed my attempt at WITL twice!!!! Both times I tried, I was so hormonal that I ended up fighting with my beloved Gary (something we never do) and I just don't want that to be in the week I document. I want it to be a real look into my day to day life. So I will be trying it again - maybe next week.

Okay I am outta here - gotta go pack!

Monday, June 6, 2011

WITL - Day 2

Well Ladies here we are on Day 2 of my WITL. Man am I BORING!!!! When you have to document what you really do it is really eye opening!
Anyways - it was an uneventful day but I did manage to get some pictures - even a self portrait of myself in the mirror. I got some pictures of the girls and of dinner and some of the routine things we do around here. I think I have decided to do a little "film strip" set of pictures of the things that happen every day - dishes, dinner, diapers etc. No need to have pix of those on each day. I have not decided 100% on what my final layout is going to look like - but I have some ideas rolling around in my head. Anyways - just thought I'd check in with you all and let you know I am still plugging along here and haven't given up yet. I hope you all had a great day

WITL Has Begun!!!!

That's right Ladies this is my "Week in the Life" week. It all started today - okay, yesterday, Sunday. I could not sleep to save my life on Saturday night so I decided not to make myself miserable and fight it. Instead I just found stuff to do. I visited with Lizzy out on the back patio (can you believe how beautiful the beginning to our summer is?) until she was ready to go to bed. That left me up and trying to fill time. I decided to get started on the banner for Monkey & Bug's birthday party. At 2am I realized I was going to get the full benefit of every hour in my week. At about 6:30 I decided I better try to get some sleep. That lasted until 9am and then I was up and going again (note it is almost 1am and I am still up!). Actually I was not moving too fast though I woke up with a nasty UTI and was feeling pretty bad. But I wanted to finish the banner and needed a few supplies, so Lizzy & I headed up to Mike's for some much needed glitter paper, xyron and gems. I was feeling so bad that I actually went to one of those Walgreens clinics while we were out. Two scripts later we were on our way back home . I started up on my banner again (I worked in my bedroom, in front of the tv for movies and close to the bathroom for . . . well you know). Lizzy, Gary, Darwin & Richard headed out for an afternoon of golf. Mom spent her day at church and with friends so I had the whole house to myself!

I need to get batteries in my little camera and put it in my purse for this week. While at the clinic I was wishing I had brought my camera and I tried to find some kind of cool memento to put in my album while I was there - I was at a loss - I almost asked for my dip test - but decided that was a little gross!!! So I guess I will just use the bag my script came in.

I have enlisted Lizzy's help in getting pictures of me this week doing what I do, wearing my lovely "uniform" (that is what I call the ugly clothes I wear around the house all week while watching the girls. I promised myself that I would not try to be something I am not this week or do things I don't normally do. I really want this to be an accurate depiction of what my life really looks like. So there will be some scary pictures of me with no make-up, hair pulled up on top of my head and some really UNfashionable clothing choices!

I guess Lizzy actually listened to me (this time) because as I sat on the floor in my bedroom, watching Sister Wives, finishing up the banner and eating a chicken Philly for dinner, she came running in with the camera catching me in all of my glory (aka mess).

So, that is the basics of day one of my 1st WITL - I am going to use all sorts of mediums for documenting my week - my calendar, a word document, my camera (of course) and my blog. By the time the week is over I will have all kinds of documentation to choose from when I start my pages.

Well I need to get myself to bed - the girls will be here in 5 hours and I need to clean up my mess and get some amount of rest before they get here. I hope you all have a SUPER FANTASTIC week


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long Overdue Update!!!!!

Hello Ladies!!!!!!
Did you think I had totally forgotten our group and our wonderful project? Well I haven't - just been sooooo busy!
So here is what's going on. . .
Our next get together will be on Friday evening, Aug 5th from 5:30 - 8 pm. We will be having Pizza so please let me know if you will be attending so that I can be sure to buy enough. We will just split the cost between us all so bring a little cash with you that night.

The cost for this meeting will be $40.00 and includes all of the supplies in kit #2 - this is a good kit - you will like it! I have ordered some new papers from Teresa and you will be getting new protectors as well. I will also be giving you your trading cards on that day - see below for the questionnaire so that I can get the cards all done.

So that is all of the "business" stuff. Now lets just chat for a moment. . .
I am going to do my Week in the Life next week, starting on Sunday the 5th. I am excited to do this and have been gearing up for it. I made myself a week long calendar to keep on my desk for journaling - it might even make it's way into my album just as is. Have any of you done your "Week" yet? I'd love to know how it went for you. Anybody else have their week planned yet???

Remember that this quarter we are supposed to be working on these sections as well as our Week in the Life. . .
Section 4 – My Community
Section 1 – Home Sweet Home

I got to see Chris D's album this past Friday night - WOW!!!!! You should see it - I forgot my camera or else I would have taken pix to share with you all. She is ready for a new album already! Can you believe it? Great job Chris - I really loved it! Be sure you bring it on Aug 5th so everyone can see it!

Okay I think that is about it for now - so sorry to be so behind.

Trading Card Questionnaire -
*Why are you doing the YITL project ( keep it sorta short - working on a baseball card size)

Have a great week Ladies - see you all soon!