Monday, January 10, 2011


That's right - we have our own special place to celebrate this journey we have embarked upon together. I hope you will take the time to become a "FOLLOWER" (in the right column) and subscribe to this blog (also to the right at the bottom) so that you can stay up to date and encouaged along the way this year.

Let me give you a quick tour. . .
We have five different pages of information (at the top) -
The Front Page - all of the updates and basic information
Quarterly Updates - a great reference for what we will be doing and when we will meeting
Layouts - I will post pictures of my finished layout and album pages here
Tutorials - Here I will post some "How-To's" for you
Assignments - Here you will find any assignments or challenges to work on

We have a "Links for Inspiration" area (in the right column) -
I have added a couple of Ali Edwards links here to inspire you and help you jump-start your creativity. I will continue to add more as we go along. Be sure to let me know if you have any you would like to share and I will add them here for the whole group to be inspired by

We have a "Search" area (in the right column) -
Here you can type in key words or dates and it will search for relevant posts on this blog

I have already transfered the "YITL" information from my "Spillin' the Beenz" blog to our new home, and there are lots of extras here too. Enjoy looking around and make sure you take advantage of using the "comments" area at the end of each post so I know what you think and if you have anything to add or questions you want to ask. Let's really make this a fun forum for us to use and to motivate each other over the next 354 days!

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