Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Permission to NOT Follow the Schedule!!!

Hey Ladies, I wanted to pop on here and give you permission to do something (not that you really need MY permission - haha) in your YITL Album. I want you to all feel free to jump in and work on anything in your YITL album. You do not have to stick to the quarterly outline. Go crazy, create whatever, where ever, whenever, you want in your album.
For example: We had a celebration here on New Year's Day and I wanted to be sure to get that in my album while everything was fresh in my mind. So I got my pictures printed, did some journaling and put it all together in my album. No sense in waiting till July, our 3rd Quarter to do this. There is no need for it to sit in my collection box that long. I had the time, and the stuff, so I did it! After I did that, I had a fun idea that I wanted to use for my divider page for the Celebrations section that New Years goes into. So I created that! I had the time, I had the supplies, so I did it!
This is not supposed to be a chore or a strictly regimented adventure. I want you to all have FUN with it! I want you to all be able to express yourselves creatively and on your schedule! So, go forth and create!

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